The response of organisms to climate change in heterogeneous environments

10-14 June 2014, Loches, France

Applications are now open until March 3, 2014 !

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Press coverage

Figaro Nautisme covered one of our study on sea stars 'des étoiles de mer aux bras armés'.


Sylvain Pincebourde joined the scientific bureau of the INRA network EpiArch (Epidemiology and Architecture) which looks at the epidemiological processes including the development of insect pests in plant canopies.

Sylvain Pincebourde is now a member of the Editorial Board of Oecologia.

David Giron is now a member of the Editorial Board of Journal of insect physiology and Journal of chemical ecology.

Jérôme Casas is now a member of the editorial board of Current Opinion in Insect Science

Articles in revision or recently accepted

Anita, S., J. Casas & C. Suppo (2014). Impulsive spatial control of pests by generalist predators, in press Mathematical Medicine & Biology

Casas J & Steinmann T (2014) Flow disturbances during attack explain variation in predator foraging modes. (In revision for Proceedings of the Royal Society B)

Llandres, A. & J. Casas (2014). Indirect cues in selecting a hunting site in a sit-and-wait predator, in press Physiological Entomology.

Steinmann, T. & J. Casas (2014). Laser-based methods for analyzing fluid flow sensing by organisms. In Flow sensing in air and water, H. Bleckmann, J. Mogdans & S.L. Coombes. Springer Verlag.

Krijnen,G.J.M., Droogendijk, H., Dagamesh, A.M.K., Jaganatharaja, R.K. & J. Casas (2014). Crickets as bio-Inspiration for MEMS-Based Flow-sensing.. In Flow sensing in air and water, H. Bleckmann, J. Mogdans & S.L. Coombes. Springer Verlag.

Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l'Insecte

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Avenue Monge, Parc Grandmont  

37200 TOURS (France)


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Keywords :

Integrative biology

Organismal biology

Functional ecology

Quantitative ecology

Population dynamics

Community dynamics

Climate change biology

Nature inspired technology


Biological invasions

Arthropod biology

Multitrophic interactions


Chemical ecology

Environmental genomics

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A movie on our work on small scale mechanics of insect life, produced by the CNRS and directed by Claude Julie Parisot will most likely be hosted on the main page of  the Society of Integrated and Comparative Biology (SICB) very soon.

The movie « The Wood-cricket, wave propagation in the air » is hosted on the main page of english web site of the CNRS.

Our website will experience a complete renewal early 2017. So stay tune if you want to read more on our group, as well as specifically about the latest on insect ecomechanics and bioinspired technologies!